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Peak Strategies, LLC


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Peak Strategies, LLC 

Peak Strategies, LLC exists to use data-driven strategies to solve the critical issues facing  clients, both large and small. I provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations create sustainable change, build capacity, and achieve their vision.


Public Speaker

My experience can take your presentation to the next level, ensure your ideas are conveyed in a meaningful way, and maximize your stakeholder's time.

Grant Writing and Accreditation

Business Meeting

Let me navigate the requirements and guidelines so your organization can start taking action.

Strategic Planning

Giving a Presentation

 I can help you spend less time and make more happen for your organization. 

Survey Creation


Anyone can make a survey. Creating a survey that answers the questions you have, that can be a challenge. With two decades of experience, I can help save you time, frustration, and make sure you get useful information.

Needs Assessment

Modern Neighborhood

There are a lot of data out there, but it can be hard to find and even harder to interpret. Let me help. I can find the secondary data your organization needs.

Focus Groups

Group Meeting

I can help organize your community and get solid information you can use to guide your organization forward.

Data Analysis

Discussing the Numbers

Data is necessary to make your organization, programs, and projects strong, competitive, and successful. I have expertise in a wide array of statistical analyses, qualitative analyses, and mixed method designs. I will help you sift through  findings, interpret conclusions, and summarize your results.

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